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Men know the importance that grooming plays in their lives. Warren Chase Urban Retreat for Men was created by men for men to provide the perfect venue to kickback, grab a beverage, get a haircut, enjoy a massage or clean up the hands and feet. The services cover all the grooming needs guys have, and are provided by either male or female staff. So come and see what the well groomed you looks like.

Who is Warren Chase?

Young, old, tall, short, athlete, dad, engineer, mechanic, artist – Warren Chase represents the well groomed man in all of us. The name Warren Chase was created when founders Trevor and Paul sat down to think of what words could represent men. Men love a good battle – in the boardroom, on the ice, around the poker table or at the water cooler. The chase is something all men enjoy, whether it's chasing the promotion, the dream or the guy or girl, we all love a good chase, from there, Warren Chase was born.

Paul and Trevor, both entrepreneurial minded felt there was a void in the male grooming market. Taking the bull by the horns, they created a retreat where men feel comfortable and don't need to sip cucumber water and wear fluffy robes to receive a grooming or massage therapy service.

Service Menu

The Warren Chase service menu is designed to be easy to follow and understand. We attempt to paint a picture with the descriptions but not write a book. If you require more details feel free to ask. All services can be provided by either male or female staff.

We also give each service on the menu a number, because sometimes the whole office doesn't need to know what you are up to. "I'd like a 4 and 15 please…" and no one is any more the wiser.

Hair & Shaves

#101 Hair Cut
Where a haircut is more than a haircut.

— 101a: Signature: The professionals at Warren Chase tailor every haircut to your lifestyle and features and all come with a hot towel and scalp massage. $50

— 101b: Tune-Up: A perfect option for the guy who wants to keep the sides sharp while he grows out the top. $35

— 101c: Wash and Style: For a special occasion, to impress, or just cause you like the scalp massage… treat yourself to a Wash and Style $25

— 101d: Student Cut (Valid with Student I.D.) $40
#102 Junior's Cut (12 & under) $28
#103 Beard Detailing $20
#104 Hair Colour $55+
#105 Highlights $60+
#106 The Flashback
It's time to turn back time. The 100% natural looking colouring takes 15 minutes and gives you less salt and more pepper in your hair diet. It's one of the most popular menu items. [15 minutes]
#107 The Cadillac Shave
It's time to "do it up old school" with the Cadillac Shave. This ultimate 12 step shave is a full sensory experience that starts with a shot of bourbon and ends with your face feeling as smooth as a baby's back side. [45 minutes]
#108 The Express Shave
For the guy short on time but big on quality, this is the shave for you. It's a single pass that leaves you looking great and saying " there is now way I could do that with my razor!" Also great for guys looking to keep some facial hair. [30 minutes]
#109 The Head Shave
Why do it yourself? Whatever your reason for taking it all off; leave it to the pros. Kick back and enjoy the experience... your noggin will thank you. [30 minutes]

Grooming Services

#201 The Good Grip
Never be embarrassed to shake hands again. This hand prep will leave you ready to lend a helping hand. [30 minutes]

— Combine with Flip-Flop $85
#202 The Flip Flop
Take your feet out of hiding. No matter the season every guy eventually takes off his socks; so with this foot prep there will be no more, "your claws just scratched me!" [45 minutes]

— Combine with The Good Grip $85
#203 Warren Chase Classic Facial
It's out there for the world to see. Take the time to ensure you are always putting your best face forward. The classic facial is a great boost for your skin and its overall appearance. [60 minutes]
#204 Warren Chase Express Classic Facial
Designed for the guy on the move and short on time this express facial will give your face the quick pick me up it needs. [30 minutes]
#205 Warren Chase Signature Facials
The Warren Chase Signature Facials are tailored to address your skin concerns: aging, acne, pigmentation, rosacea, dry skin etc. Each facial begins with a thorough skin analysis by a Warren Chase skin expert and ends with advice for at-home maintenance. These facials are targeted and provide great results. [75 minutes]
#206 The Naked Eye
Strip away signs of fatigue and aging. This results-driven treatment goes to battle to smooth wrinkles and fine lines as well as reducing puffiness and redness. Perfect as an add-on to most of our other services as well as a must have for the day after the night before. [20 minutes]
#207 The Back Rescue
It's a facial for your back. If you can't reach it, can you really clean it? The back is probably the most forgotten part of our bodies; this service brings it front and centre – gives it a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and addresses any issues such as dry skin or "bacne". Your back will thank you. [75 minutes]
#208 The Doryman Body Scrub
Sea salts infused with your scent of choice are used as a full body scrub. Because we aren't snakes who can shed their own skin, let the "Doryman Scrub" do the work for you. Your skin will feel and look brand new. [60 minutes]
**(available only at the Ottawa Train Yards location)

Waxing / Clipping

#301 The Guns
You work 'em, now show 'em. Hair removal from arms.

— 301a: Waxing [40 minutes] $50

— 301b: Clipping [20 minutes] $25
#302 The Cyclist
Like new sneakers you'll go faster. Hair removal from legs
  — 302a: Waxing [50 minutes] $80
  — 302b: Clipping [25 minutes] $30
#303 The Pit Stop
There's nothing nice or funny to say about these guys. Hair removal from armpits.
[Waxing: 30 minutes]
#304 The Framework
Antennas are for satellites and insects. Tidying of eyebrows, ears and nose.
[Waxing: 20 minutes]
#305 The Digits
Let them remember your firm handshake, not your furry mitt. Hair removal from hands.
[Waxing: 15 minutes]
#306 The Hooves
Just because they sound like they belong to an animal does not mean they need to look like it. Hair removal from feet.
[Waxing: 15 minutes]
#307 The Back Pack
Take off the sweater. Hair removal from back and shoulders.
  — 307a: Waxing [45 minutes] $65
  — 307b: Clipping [20 minutes] $30
#308 The Pec Deck
Release your inner superhero. Hair removal from chest and abdomen.
  — 308a: Waxing [45 minutes] $65
  — 308b: Clipping [20 minutes] $30
#309 The Bumper
Some might say you need to be on crack to get this done. Hair removal from backside.
[Waxing: 35 minutes]
#310 The Package
Comes with a pain guarantee. Hair removal from.. you guessed it.
[Waxing: 30 minutes]
#311 The Whole Deal
If this needs an explanation its not for you. Hair removal of everything you can fit in your briefs.
[Waxing: 60 minutes]

Style Coaching

#311 Style Coaching & Assessment
This casual but frank sit down is designed to capture what your style is currently, to assist you in determining if you are putting forward the image you want based on your style choices and design a game plan going forward. Career, lifestyle, budget, and body shape, are all taken into consideration.
We then conduct an at home closet edit with you and determine what stays, what goes, what gets tailored, and what is needed. At that point you can head out on your own for shopping, or we can join you, or do it for you. Style coaching has proven to be a cost saving exercise. We show you new and different ways to be wearing the clothes you already have.


#501 Massage (Relaxation)
All massages use a variety of techniques to help with relaxation and well being.
  — 501a: [30 minute massage] $45
  — 501b: [45 minute massage] $60
  — 501c: [60 minute massage] $75
#502 Hot Stone Massage
A one hour massage using hot stones to help melt away muscle tension.  [60 minutes]


Warren Chase recognizes every man's grooming needs are unique and will work with "him" in mind to help customize the perfect package. There is no limit to the packages we can create together… and heck we will even throw in a funky name when we're done!

***Packages valued at $300 and more, receive a 10% discount.
***Packages do not include product.


We men have a love hate relationship with our hair. If we have it we love it, if we are losing it we hate it. Warren Chase stylists work to create a cut that reflects your lifestyle, your career, the shape of your face, and makes you excited about your hair, whether it grows like a weed or you're more follicly challenged. Classic, current or off the wall, together we work with you to make it happen. Colour, highlights or camouflage are all done to look natural – unless you want a little crazy.


Aesthetics = Manliness?
It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, so we at Warren Chase call it grooming. It's just semantics, but we prefer it.

Maybe you are the guy with hairs you could name, in places we won't name, a toenail that could be used as a weapon, have the nickname Chewbacca, or problem skin… or you might be the guy who has been plucked, tweezed, waxed and wrapped for years. Regardless, our grooming team will help you tame the beast and unleash your full potential.


Whether it's a bad back, an old sports injury or a stressful career, our bodies take a beating. Warren Chase recognizes no two men are the same and use a combination of techniques to target each individuals area(s) of concern.

Style Coaching

Style is a game too – you trade certain pieces like players, you make strategic decisions and without a good coach, you'll lose more than you'll win. Our style coaching is guaranteed to score a home run with guys seeking a new look or who need help pulling it together. Whether it's a new job, a change in status or in weight, or just looking to raise the bar, we have what it takes to put you at the top of your style game.

Are you in search of the answers to age old questions such as:

  • What does business casual look like?
  • How do I dress for an interview?
  • Can I be current as a forty year old without looking like I'm trying to be twenty?
  • What colour looks good on me besides plaid?... Is plaid a colour???
  • Should I match my belt to my shoes or socks?
  • How do I tie a tie?
  • What style of jeans work for me?
  • Why would I tailor my clothes?
  • You can't judge a book by it's cover but can you judge a man by his underwear?

We're looking for friends.. your friends.

The crew at Warren Chase is thrilled to have provided you with a great service and an awesome experience; now we want to bring that to your circle of friends.

• Refer a friend.
• Tell them to mention your name at booking.
• Your friend receives a gift of 10% off their first Warren Chase service.
• After their service you receive a $20 credit to your account.


It's guaranteed we all know one – the guy who has everything. Every Birthday, Anniversary, Father's Day etc becomes a shopping nightmare. Finally there is a solution! With Warren Chase's gift certificates and large selection of grooming products it's now easier than ever to find the perfect gift for that special person.

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Join our Team

If our team was a vehicle we'd be a Jeep. Sturdy, distinctive and just a little bit bad ass. But when needed we can be cleaned up, waxed and look like a million…well close to a million bucks. If we were a tree… okay… so let's not get carried away with metaphors, but we are a great group of people who love what we do. We get to give people the gift of wellness and send them away less stressed, looking and feeling better than when they walked through the doors.

If you have talent, exceptional customer service and the ability to laugh at yourself… cause hell if you don't we will. There is always room for one more in the jeep.

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